Who am I?

Hi! My name is Lucy, I am a professional dominatrix from the USA. I have been in this industry for many years now, starting off as a stripper and eventually finding my way into the dominatrix BDSM world. I love my job and my friends who love hearing all of my stories and come running to me for advice told me to make this blog and share my advice, tips, stories, and tricks with the world as I know a lot of you are major kinksters at heart.

picture of me holding sign that says takehereasy

My clients come from all over the world to visit my dungeon, all of them want different things and I have learned exactly how to please them all. I have people from all walks of life who come to me and it is a dream come true doing this job.

I am actually a switch which means I enjoy both being dominant and submissive. The majority of my clients enjoy me being dominant, which is so much fun as I am a dominatrix by trade but I do have a few who prefer me being submissive and I am able to accommodate them however they need me too, which can be hard for some to master, especially if you are more naturally dominant like me. However, it comes easily to me and that is why I have a client list that just keeps on coming back.

Being a dominatrix is a job that comes with lots of learning curves involved, it isn’t easy and it isn’t a walk in the park but once you learn your tools, your craft and your clients I find it to be the most rewarding job I have ever had. I love making my clients do as I say and putting a big smile on their faces, if I can do that then I am happy.

I am honest, hard-working and very out there so don’t be surprised when I tell you intimate NSFW details about my crazy life as a dominatrix.

My Personal Life

I grew up in a small town, everybody knew everybody and there was always the want to escape yet hardly anybody ever did. I was determined to get out of there, I loved my family but I wanted bigger and better things.

I decided that I wanted to earn money quickly, going to school wasn’t important to me and I figured if it all went wrong I could always go back. Fortunately, it was the best decision I ever made. I left that small town and I started stripping at 18 in a club not far my small town but far enough away to not know anybody. I shared an apartment with another girl, which wasn’t great and I soon got enough money to get my own place and I loved it there. I was finally independent, the money was amazing, the girls I danced with was great and the club wasn’t at all sleazy. There was no sex and no drugs, which kept away a lot of bad eggs. I was lucky really because not a lot of girls find such a good club so early on.

The club took a portion of my money, which is just standard practice and I still usually went home with a decent amount each night that I danced. I met some great people, I did meet a couple of bad ones but that’s standard in any job. I was working 4 nights a week, buying things I had only ever dreamed of before and I was good at it. I had people who came in just to see me and I had men practically falling at my feet.

After a few years of dancing I met a woman by chance who was a dominatrix, she used to come to the club and watch us dance, she just enjoyed it and I was fascinated by her, she was the type of woman I wanted to be, independent, professional and alluring. After getting to know her she told me I would make a great dom, asked me if I enjoyed the thought of it, I was most definitely interested and eager to learn and the rest is history. She taught me everything and even helped me in setting up my first dungeon. She taught me tips and tricks that proved vital to me and thanks to her I left my stripping lifestyle behind and became a business owner.

That’s what I’ve been doing ever since and each day I learn something new, I have been doing it a long time now and I love it. It was a job that was made for me and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.


I was a late bloomer, I didn’t have any interest in sex until I started dating my boyfriend at 18. Looking back all of the signs were that I found out quite early on in my life that I enjoyed being in control of my partner in the bedroom. At 18 (before I moved away) my boyfriend and I would play in his room, using rope, handcuffs and anything else we could find to restrain him and keep him at the mercy of me. I loved dominating him, it always turned me on and it kind of went on from there.

I had boyfriends whilst I was stripping, one, in particular, loved to be humiliated, I think part of the allure of me was that I was a stripper and it was humiliating for him to see me dancing for other men, which he loved. He enjoyed being spanked, being told how disgusting he was and he loved it when I withheld sex from him. He was a great guy but I knew I wanted more, he wanted kids and I wanted money and independence, dominating him just wasn’t enough for me and so I moved on.

After him I dated a guy who enjoyed dominating me and whilst I did enjoy it, I loved being told what to do, I loved being controlled for once, I still had a desire to dominate and he just wasn’t into me being a switch, so he was gone and although the sex was great I was not too bothered about saying goodbye to him.

In short, I have always known I liked BDSM it just took some sexual awakening to realize just how strong my urge to be professional at it was. I love the whole thing, the dressing up, the characters I play, the toys, the equipment, and the surrendering to me that my clients go through.

My Life Before Owning A Dungeon

Before I opened my dungeon I actually went to clients’ houses or hotel rooms to dominate them. The woman I met who got me into it told me it was best to have a dungeon but I still hadn’t saved enough to buy my own house so whilst I saved I did home visits or hotel visits. Quitting stripping and becoming a dom earnt me good money but it was going on new toys, costumes, equipment, makeup and just about everything else.

It was fun doing these visits but there was more risk to it and taking all of my equipment everywhere was proving to be tiring. Getting my own dungeon was paramount as I had far more control if they came to me rather than me going to them.

I used to wear big coats to their hotel rooms, my latex outfits underneath, carrying a big bag of goodies to use. Knocking on their big front doors in middle-class suburbia, wearing just a tiny mini dress, stilettos and a coat was a thrill, especially when their neighbors would see me out of their windows.

However, it got tiring because I was supposed to be the one in charge and me going to them felt like they owned me when in reality I owned them, so as soon as I could I bought my house, kitted out my dungeon with the things I had been buying and here I am still all of these years later.

Frequantly Asked Questions

Here’s some of the questions I get, if you have a question do send them in and I will be more than happy to answer.

How Long Have You Been A Dominatrix?

I have been a professional dominatrix for around 7 years at the time of writing this.

What’s Your Favorite Punishment To Give A Man?

I think it always depends on the person but I love anal punishments, spanking and humiliation.

Are You Married?

No, I am a single woman. I don’t plan on getting married, I am not looking for love right now, it may happen in the future but for now, I love my job, my friends and just being content with myself.

Do Your Clients ‘Cum’?

Some do and some don’t. Some I like to tell to go home and masturbate, it’s all dependent on the person really.

Have You Ever Met Someone From Your Dungeon In Real Life?

Yes! Haha! It doesn’t bother me at all, they see me out of character and assume they can speak to me like I am not their dom but unfortunately even if I see them in Walmart and they approach me I am going to humiliate them and show them their place.

Where Is Your Dungeon?

My dungeon is actually in my home, I had the basement converted into a BDSM dungeon and my clients enter through a different door. I had a bathroom installed down there too, along with every possible BDSM device you could think of.

How Long Are Dominatrix Sessions?

This can vary but I do a minimum of one hour and a maximum of 3 hours.

Do You Have Sex With Your Clients?

This is a question that honestly is difficult to answer. At the time of writing this, I am yet to have penetrative sex with my clients in my dungeon because they have asked for it however I use strap-ons on my clients, some enjoy chastity so I will tease them with sex toys and my body, I will please my clients anally, we use urethral sounding tools, electro-stim tools and all kinds of other devices. I am emotionally, physically and psychologically intimate with the people that step into my dungeon, it just isn’t how people typically tend to know. On another note, I will never exchange money for sex, but if I want to fuck you then I will. Confusing, but I hope that clears things up.