First Time With With His Wife (Amateur Cuckold)

I am often a stepping stone for couples who want to try out cuckolding and hotwifing and as a professional dominatrix, I make it my job to make them happy. I am so happy to share with you this sexy cuckold story.


This is one of the more wild sex stories/experiences of my life and that’s why I sent it into Lucy.

Before I tell you the whole story I just want to let everyone know I got full permission from both him and his wife and he said I could post it as long as I didn’t show her face.

So, I’d recommend you watch the video first, it’s about the current situation I’m in.

How I Met His Wife

Basically, around 6 months ago I got approached by a couple on adult friend finder, an adult dating site I use to find threesomes and other kinky hookups.

The couple asked me if I was familiar with cuckolding and hotwifing.

I explained that I knew a little, but had never tried it.

We talked for a few hours, he explained that he was looking for someone to satisfy his with once per month and if I’d be interested.

I told him that I’d love to borrow his wife and asked to swap images of pieces of paper with our names, I blurred his wife’s face and my real name for privacy reasons (I was just making sure I wasn’t being catfished)

wife dating profile picture
selfie of wife laying on bed

His wife was stunning and cute at the same time, even a little innocent looking.

We talked some more and he explained some rules:

  • Our first date would be with him and her and there would be no sex (just to see if there was chemistry)
  • Must always wear condoms.
  • Only in a hotel room that he’s booked.
  • No private communication.
  • No kissing, anal sex or blowjobs.

I really understood these rules and respected them.

The First Meeting For Cocktails

Fast forward a week and it was we went on our first date.

We met at this bar and when I arrived they were already sat drinking.

They waved as I walked up to them, she looked even hotter in real life.

I shook his hand and gave her a hug, she then went for the two kisses.

We had drinks and once the initial awkwardness had passed the chemistry between all three of us was amazing.

She was laughing, touching my leg and biting her lip as she looked at me.

Anyway, I got the bill and we went our separate ways.

About 5 minutes after leaving I got a text:

It was on and I’d be meeting her tomorrow.

How The First Amateur Cuckold Happened

We met at this business hotel near where I live (I’ve now been to this hotel at least 10 times with her).

She texted me the room number and I went straight up to her room.

She opened the door in a little dress and gave me a hug.

She got me a beer and we sat down on the bed, after a few minutes of small talk we started kissing.

I then undressed her and as I made my way to go down on her I could feel her heart beating, hard and fast (she must have been really nervous).

I run my tongue up and down her pussy (she was already so wet) and then I put my tongue inside her and she let out a moan, I kept doing what she liked and she started cumming.

She then pulled me up…

…I grabbed a condom and she grabbed the camera.

She hit the record button and gave me the camera and she closed her eyes.

I slowly pushed myself inside her and felt how tight she was, she let out a moan and I started thrusting deeper and deeper.

Her body is amazing and she was literally squealing with pleasure, It wasn’t long before I came HARD and fell on top of her.

We cuddled for a few minutes and then she got up and started getting ready, putting on her clothes, I gave her the camera and then we said goodbye and I went home.

The second I got home I had a shower and masturbated to what had just happened.

What Has Happened Up Till This Point

He called me a few hours after and told me that I’d made him and his wife really happy.

He asked if I’d be free the following week.

Before I knew it we were meeting every weekend, the rules he created got more relaxed, we were allowed longer together, so we started getting food and watching moves.

He would sometimes sit in the corner and watch us.

Then he asked if I’d like to go inside her without a condom.

Finally, he asked if he could clean up.

I had no idea what that meant, so he told me and I agreed.

It got to the point I’d fuck her in their bed then cum on her pussy and he’d come in and clean up my cum, as fucked up as it seems he and his wife find it seriously hot and I’m happy to do it for then.

Slowly I’ve felt her develop feelings for me, I think she must have got my number off her husband’s phone because she started sending me these videos and private pictures.

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t developed feelings for her, but I bottle them down and will never let them get in the way of her relationship.

One Month Later (Update)

It’s been another month since I posted this.

His wife has definitely got feelings for me, she’s dropped little hints a few times:

  • We were on the bed after sex and she asked if I’d date her if she wasn’t with her husband.
  • She got jealous when I said I think a random woman on TV was hot.
  • She asked me to go round her house while her husband was at work.
  • She keeps trying to make me finish inside of her.

I’m hoping it’s just a game she’s playing with her husband.

I’ll let everyone know when there’s another update.

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