Having Car Sex With A Guy I Met On Tinder

I am a professional dominatrix and I get a lot of cuckolds who come into my dungeon, I love using them all up and making their dreams come true and so when one of them told me about this story, I knew I had to share it with you.

I’ve never even told my friends about my sex life, so I really can’t believe I’m sharing this with the internet.

I’m Jackie, I’m in my late thirties and have been with my husband for ten years.

husband and I at bowling ally
Husband and I

Our relationship has been amazing and I love him with all my heart, but at the start of this year, he told me that he wasn’t satisfied in the bedroom.

I won’t bore you with all the details, but basically, he felt like sex was a chore for me and that I lost my sense of adventure.

It hurt hearing him say this, but what was worse was knowing what he was saying was true.

Honestly, I hadn’t had an orgasm with him in months and he didn’t know this, but I saved most of my sex and adventure for my magic wand vibrator.

We talked for a few hours and at one point He said “We’re getting old, have you not got any sexual fantasies you want to try before it’s too late?

I do, I have loads, but I didn’t want to mention them.

He started telling me his.

“I want to try anal, swinging, threesomes, facials, heck, you don’t know this, but the idea of you being with another man even turns me on.”

I asked him to elaborate on sharing me with another man.

He did… He basically said it had been a long fantasy for him to send me out to fuck another man and then have me video it and after tell him all about it.

Skipping the video part, isn’t that every woman’s dream?

I didn’t think he was serious but after months of talking and a few late-night chats I agreed to be open and try whatever he wanted me too.

How I Had Car Sex With A Stranger

So, I haven’t had sex, kissed or even danced with another man in at least ten years, so this whole experience was really nerve-racking, overwhelming and somewhat thrilling for me.

My husband set up everything, he went on Reddit and found advice, got me on a few dating sites adult friend finder and Tinder and then found me some guys in the city near us.

My husband asked me what type of guy I wanted… I’m not a fan of big muscles or the brute look, I prefer skinny and sweet.

Now I didn’t tell my husband this, but I’ve always had a fantasy of trying an uncut guy and it just happened that the second guy I started talking with was uncut, in our area and after explaining everything still wanted to hookup.

The only rule was that he didn’t want his face to be in the video.

I liked him, but I needed more, so we had a skype chat.

I didn’t tell my husband this, but there was so much sexual energy in our Skype chat he was perfect.

The Day I Cucked My Husband

My husband took the day off work so he’d be on call, he cleaned my car, charged the camera and sent me on my way.

My heart was beating through my chest, I felt sick with nerves.

We arrived at the place we agreed on and he was there, he waved and came over to the car, I got out gave him a hug and we both giggled.

We sat talking for about thirty minutes and then he lent over and kissed me.

I will never forget, I was literally shaking with nerves and then once he kissed me they stopped and all the horniness I’d not had for years hit me at once.

We got in the back of my car, got undressed and he fucked me without a condom.

I was shocked at how much difference an uncut cock could have, he was like the perfect fit for me.

My Biggest Regret

There are only two things I regret:

1. I wish he lasted a little bit longer.

I just wish he had been able to last a few more minutes, I was so close to coming and I wasn’t ready for it to end.

2. I wish he didn’t cum inside me.

Don’t get me wrong I wanted him to cum inside me and I hate condoms, but the guilt I felt after was terrible and it was all because I didn’t stop him from cumming inside me.

It’s crazy the power of being in the moment and having all the adrenaline, but it was no excuse and I should never have let him cum inside me.

Now it’s been a few weeks and I’m not pregnant, my husband actually thinks it’s really hot, but at the time he wasn’t happy.

What Happened Next

I got home and told my husband everything, he asked to see the video.

He was hurt at first about the cum, he asked all the details and I told him about the kiss, how nervous I was, how I wished he lasted longer and then I got his hand and showed him how wet I was.

I noticed him get really hard and I asked if he’d like to finish me off.

We then had some of the best sex of our whole marriage.

We agreed that we would only do it once per month and he’s already got my next date lined up (this time in a hotel).

I’m counting down the days and I’ve gone and got some new lingerie and even got a wax booked for the day before.

Will keep you all updated in the comments

Why did I upload?

I wish I had a bigger reason, but honestly, my husband gets really turned on at the idea of me sharing myself and since he knows Ashely he asked if I would share my story here.

my new black lingerie

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