You’re A Cuckold Who Likes Humiliation?

Welcome to my blog. I am a professional dominatrix sharing my stories and advice online, I see you have stumbled across this page somehow. You obviously like humiliation, or how are you here? Do you like to be told what to do? Do you like to be humiliated by someone like me? Is it like an itch you just need to scratch?

Quick Disclaimer: This article is intended for those who enjoy cuckold and humiliation, it is not for those who are not into this kink.

So, You’re A Cuck Seeking Humiliation And You’ve Came To My Dungeon?

If you walk into my dungeon looking to be humiliated this is what is to be expected. I will not go easy on you no matter what you say. You are worthless, I will degrade you and make you feel so small, a lot like your cock. You have to come into my dungeon with thick skin, I don’t like people who get hurt by the truth.

If you’re seeking humiliation you have come to the right place, I love making people like you feel insignificant and small, it gives me great pleasure, the pleasure you will never experience. You belong beneath me, slave. If I really must, I will put you in something degrading for you, something like a small piece of lingerie and that’s a request.

Okay, First Let Me See Your Dick

I will ask you to strip, most of you think you are going to impress me when you remove your clothes but sadly, none of you ever do.

Have you stripped off yet?

*Sigh*, it’s so small. I was hoping for so much more with you. Are you sure that’s you hard? It looks so small.

Anyway, it’s time to measure you up…Head to my chart below to see where you stand on my homemade chart. I think I know where you will be.

My Dick Rating Chart:

Stand yourself next to my chart and I will move it to you, measuring your dick in the most honest way possible. Everything is in cm, just so you know. If you want to see how you compare to my chart grab a tape measure and use the guide below to see where you land, let me know in the comments where you are, I bet I can guess it’s small.

Below 3 inches – unmeasurable, step away from the chart.

3-4 inches – completely unusable (tiny) – is that a clit or a tiny dick?

4-5 inches – unusable (tiny) – Is that it? wow.

5-6 inches – unusable (tiny) – I bet you think that’s impressive? It’s not, it’s pathetic.

6-7 inches – meh – I have seen better, it’s still so small, laughable really.

7 – 8 inches – Maybe you are able to satisfy a woman with this but I doubt it.

8 inches + – You’re a real man but I don’t think anyone is able to reach here.

Don’t lie, tell me in the comments how small your dick is. I know it’s already small so don’t even think about lying.

Lucky you enjoy being humiliated with that small thing, I bet it makes all of your partners laugh. You should just call it a swollen clit really, you would be doing yourself a favor refraining from calling that a cock. Realistically, you could never please anyone with that, would they even feel it inside of them? I highly doubt it.

I’m going to take a picture, I’ve never seen one that small! my friends will laugh so hard when they see it!

Let Me Get You Locked Up

I usually always use my smallest Cock cage as it always fits. I make sure you are nice and snug inside of there, taking care to make sure you are secured inside of my small cock cage, unable to wriggle free.

Let’s put you in this cute little pink cock cage, it suits your feminine personality. You deserve nothing but humiliation, I hope you find it degrading to be locked up inside of this girly, pink cock cage, usually reserved for my little sissies. Are you a sissy? I think you might be because you look like you’re enjoying this! I suppose with a cock that small, you have to enjoy something in life, don’t you?

What?!?! You Have A Wife?

How is that possible? Honestly, how? How does she fuck you with that? How does she want to go near a cock like that?

I can tell you now, for free, that she definitely thinks about fucking other men. If she even goes near you that is. When you’re near her she is thinking about other people, wondering what it would be like to be with them instead of you because you’re pathetic and I guess she pities fucks you, doesn’t she?

I bet she has never had a real orgasm, has she? has she ever been shaking, moaning in pleasure? I doubt it. Oh, she has? In that case, I am here to tell you that it was totally fake, none of it was real, she was making you feel good about yourself. She actually waited for you to leave the room and gave herself a real orgasm, one you could never ever give her.

Do you still think she has cum with you before? That’s so cute! You’re so funny. How do you think you could actually ever pleasure anyone with that? Do you not know how good us women are at faking? Your wife is a pro at it.

Do You Have Your Phone?

Good! hand it to me. Right now.
I’m going to text your wife from you. You’ll see how little she thinks of you and you do know it’s all because you can’t please her, don’t you?

Do you see how easy that was for her to decide to do it? there wasn’t a second thought.

Does she have anyone you know she likes?

She does! That’s great news, but he is your friend?

Would he sleep with her?

He would. Good

What’s his name?

I’ll Text Her For You

Him: What about Alexander?

No! I couldn’t sleep with him, he’s your best friend!

Please! Don’t ask questions just do it, if that’s what you want Hunny. Just ask him if he’s is busy this weekend.

Hunny, I can’t! Are you being serious? Would you really be ok with this?

I’m going to ring him now and explain everything. I can’t wait.

Perfect, now she’s going to finally get good and fucked. Alexander will be able to fuck her much better than you can, isn’t that right? You little sissy.

How Easy Was That?

I did tell you that you weren’t satisfying her properly if you were it would have been much harder for her to agree to this. Finally, Alexander will be able to fuck her and satisfy her. Finally, your wife will be able to cum and not just pretend as she does with you and your tiny cock. I bet Alexander’s is much bigger than yours, isn’t it?

Do you think she will f**k him?

You don’t?

Not even on the first date?

That’s Interesting, we will just have to see. Won’t we?

I know she will fuck him and he will make her scream harder than she has in decades.

When Was The Last Time You F**ked Her?

Months ago?


I didn’t know it was that bad.

I bet she does everything she can to avoid sex with you?




It’s because you can’t satisfy her. You just deserve to be humiliated, nothing else.

Let’s Get You Nice And Restrained

I am going to restrain you, tieing your hands behind your back with some rope. Your cock firmly inside the cock cage. I can see it straining, desperate to be released but that won’t fool me, it doesn’t deserve to be touched. Does it?

Oh, Your Phone Has Just Got A Notification!

Wife: Are you sure I can? Do you promise it won’t change anything?

I just wanted to let you know, you little bitch that I texted him whilst you were preoccupied with your cock and he is heading to your place now, I explained everything to him about your wife over text and he’s so down. He told me, well, you, all over text how much he thinks about your wife and what a good friend you are.

You didn’t expect that, did you?
You want your phone back?
Hahahaha, but you want to be a cuckold, don’t you?

Text back:
Her: Hunny, I am so happy. Does Alex have to wear a condom?
Him: No, now don’t ask any more questions, just enjoy yourself, take a picture if you can and tell me all about it when you’re done.
Her: Sure, that’s a deal.

Lucky You’re Gagged And Restrained

If I removed your gag and your restraints, would you be pleading with me to text your wife back and tell her ‘No, I was lying!’. Would you? Speak up, sissy!

I guess if that’s the case then I am very glad I did restrain you and place the gag in your mouth otherwise I know you would be frustrating me with your pleas and woes. Do you know what happens when you frustrate me?

I get mad and when I get mad you get punished. So stop trying to make me take back the texts, they’re gone and your wife is about to get fuck by your good friend.

Omg, I can see you’re getting hard?


Are you seriously about to cry because your wife is getting fucked by another man and you’re getting hard? hahahaha.

You’re just a filthy cuckold, you’re enjoying this aren’t you? Knowing how wet your wife is after so many years of being dry for you.

Knowing she is in your bed right now with HIM, fucking his brains out. He is caressing her body and enjoying every inch of it with his tongue and you’re here with me, your cock straining at the cock cage, pathetic.

OMG Another Text Just Came Through :O

This one shocked me but I am excited to show it to you, are you ready? Is your little tiny cock ready for this?

She sent you a picture, well you asked for it, don’t cry.

You look sad? But then why is your tiny cock so hard? Are you getting off to this? you’re an animal. Perhaps you should be locked up in your cage for good? Your cock is no use to anybody and your wife is being actually satisfied now, how does that feel?

Does she make you wear condoms?

No? That’s great because she didn’t make your friend either after you told her it was OK. Oh, it wasn’t ok? Whoops! Why did you say it in your text to her then, silly! I guess your wife was just really horny, she didn’t even think about protection, she wanted his cock raw.

Time For Your Last Present

I have a permanent marker right here, let me just write something on you quickly, no complaining.

OK, cute! That looks, good sissy. Just so you know I wrote cuckold all over your back and across your pubic bone in permanent marker, good luck getting that off. I want you to be reminded of what you are when you’re at work or whenever you look in the mirror. You’re a dirty little cuckold, with a tiny cock who loves to be told how worthless he is. Don’t you?

Now go back to your wife in your little pink cage and give her this key, this is your life now. She can fuck whoever she wants and you just have to sit back and watch.

Want Me To Humiliate You?

If you want to be humiliated by me, I recommend getting yourself a pink sissy cock cage and imagine what it’s like to be in my dungeon. Join my Patreon (Coming Soon) and receive humiliation, jerk off instructions and more.

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