Letting My Best Friend Fuck My Wife

I love sharing some of my favorite erotic stories with you so I hope you enjoy this one sent to me by one of my most loyal and popular clients.

Not sure how to start this, but here goes…

I’m a kinky guy and I’ve always found threesomes, cuckolding and hotwifing a big turn on. My wife, on the other hand, is pretty vanilla.

I mean she loves sex, we do it a few times per week, but she can be a little reserved when it comes to trying something new.

However, my wife on a few occasions has confessed that she thinks one of my friends is hot, mostly in a jokey way.

One night I spoke to my friend and the topic of threesomes came up and he told me that if he was going to do a threesome it would be with me, him and another woman.

I laughed and agreed.

Anyway that night I got home drunk and my wife was horny and we started making out, the conversation come up and I told her about what was said.

I may have changed the story a little and said that if he was to try a threesome he’d only do it with us (myself and my wife).

I could see her trying to hide her excitement while she kept asking more and more questions.

I admitted how hot it would be if we all had a threesome and I told her about how much it turns me on the idea of her going on a date and then fucking another man.

She was really confused and asked loads more questions, so I told her.

Fast Forward A Few Months

Over the next few months, my wife started roleplaying threesomes.

She’d use this suction cup dildo and give me a blowjob while she would thrust the dildo it inside her.

All of a sudden my wife turned into a freak in the bedroom.

I got researching ways to simulate threesomes and I found a penis extender, basically, it’s like a condom that changed the length, fatness, and feel of your penis.

I tested it with my wife and she took every inch of it inside her, she moaned more than she’s ever moaned before, her pussy juices dripped down my thighs, she was so wet.

I could barely stop myself from cumming seeing how much my wife enjoyed the large pleasure and the idea of another man.

After a few more weeks my best friend and I got talking and I told him about everything.

He was shocked and happy, I asked him if he would fuck her, no strings attached, just turn up at my house, fuck her and leave.

He was a bit shocked, asked if it would change our friendship?

I told him never, it’s just pleasure and said it was something my wife and I both want equally.

We sat talking for a few hours and he agreed, he even said he’d film it for me.

I did all this without telling my wife…

…I got home and told her everything, again she tried to hide her excitement.

She asked every possible question and wanted to know everything we talked about.

After telling her I asked her when she wanted it to happen.

She wouldn’t say, so I said “Tomorrow?” and her face lite up.

I texted my friend and agreed tomorrow at 5 pm he would come to mine, while I went out for a coffee.

The Moment He Fucked My Wife

My wife went out in the morning, got new lingerie and she spent about 2 hours doing her hair and makeup.

She was still trying to hide her excitement, she didn’t want to seem too happy, just in case I got jealous (at least I think).

This is what her new lingerie looked like:

She then showed me her freshly shaved pussy and this has become one of my favorite nudes I’ve ever taken of my wife.

Anyway, he texts me to say he was just about to arrive and I went and got my coffee.

I sat myself down in a coffee bar and my heart was racing.

I couldn’t sit still, I tried to just be on my phone like normal, but I couldn’t.

I had to go and have a walk, try to get the adrenaline and mental images out of my head.

That’s when my friend sent me this picture:

woman in cute red outfit

My heart rate went so high and the next hour went past in what felt like minutes.

Then he sent a text to say I’m just leaving now.

I raced back home and my wife was in the shower washing off the cum he left on her back.

My wife was like a new woman, the second I saw her she got out of the shower, she lay me on our bed and fucked me.

She was the wettest I’d ever felt.

I lasted about 10 seconds before I came.

She laughed, got off and told me everything that happened.

What Happened Before He Hit Record

The time he came on her butt wasn’t the only time he came.

My wife told me that when he turned up, they kissed and he went down on her.

He made her orgasm and once she had, she decided to go down on him, within seconds he let out a moan and came in my wife’s mouth (something I don’t even do).

She said it shocked her, but it wasn’t as bad as she thought.

He went to the loo and when he come back he was hard and ready to fuck her again, they fucked for about thirty minutes (she didn’t know the exact time) and the video was turned on just after he made her orgasm again.

There were so many details.

I got the same story from my friend the next day on a walk.

Will I Let Him Fuck My Wife Again

I feel addicted to the emotions I felt while letting this happen the first time.

I know I’ve got to be careful because I don’t want my wife to develop feelings, but I don’t have any other person she could fuck other than my friend.

So, if after a few weeks things are still going well, I think I will maybe arrange a threesome with us both.

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  2. Your a lucky man. I have been asking my wife to do this for a few years and I can’t get her to want it. I wish I could enjoy the same pleaser someday from my wife.

  3. I’ve been letting my wife fuck my cousin and my best friend for the last 4 years and I love it. There is nothing more exciting knowing your wife is getting fucked while you are at work except maybe eating that cream pie when I get home.


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