Having Hotel Sex With My Girlfriend (Homemade)

Enjoy this series sent to me by one of my clients. I love a good erotic read, so I hope you like it!

Wow, we still can’t believe we have made three parts to our holiday bedroom antics. You can read about part 1 here and part 2 here.

This is part 3 and with each story, I have edited and uploaded it has gotten easier. Ashley is so horny knowing people are enjoying our stories and hearing about our videos, she also loves knowing that you masturbate to her.

In all of these stories, we have tried our hardest to show you what we got up to on holiday and just how we really utilized that hotel room. We loved it so much and it has most definitely given us a different angle on our sex life.

The Final Nights Of Our Holiday

couple taking sexy selfie in hotel bathroom

My girlfriend (now wife) is just so hot that my cock wants to explode inside of her as soon as I encumbered between her tight, wet walls. I struggle so much not cumming so soon, it’s something I have really had to work on and sometimes it means I am not really in the moment of sex as all I can think of is not cumming.

During the making of our homemade videos, I kept having to stop fucking in order not to cum and it really became frustrating so I tried out some of our favorite delay cream again. You only need a small amount on your penis around 10 minutes before sex, it works as a mild desensitizer which makes it easier to focus on the actual sex and having a good time rather than always thinking about trying not to cum.

Using this on the final nights of our holiday was a game-changer, it made me more confident and allowed me to really enjoy sex.

The final nights we spent in our hotel room, ordering room service, fucking and now and again venturing outside for some fresh air to find ourselves hurrying back to the hotel room once again.

My Girlfriend LOVES Having Hotel Sex

My girlfriend discovered she has a massive kink for having sex in hotels, she loves the idea of the people in the adjacent rooms hearing her and getting turned on, she loves having the windows open so people out on their balconies may hear.

Each day we were in the hotel room she became naughtier, she wanted people to know my name.

I think this is why she loves you reading about our videos so much, she enjoys the idea of being watched.

By the end of our vacation, she was practically begging me to have sex with her, which wasn’t the worst thing to ever happen to me in life. She was so loud and so enthusiastic that I am getting hard just thinking back to it.

Something else she did on our vacation was wear really provocative clothing, she isn’t the most modest at home but when we were out by the pool and in restaurants she made a special effort to show off her incredible body so that others would stare.

She’s so kinky.

Girlfriend Forgets The Camera Is There

I don’t know about you but my favorite thing is when she forgets the camera is there when we are filming ourselves, she loses herself in the moment, she forgets to please the camera, she focuses on us. It’s such an erotic moment and I feel like it really makes the homemade video extra special.

What we did when the camera wasn’t on

Obviously we didn’t film everything, if we did then there would be hours of content and we just didn’t have that kind of space on our camera. We also didn’t know what to do with the footage if we did film that much.

My girlfriend brought along her vibrator and I would sit in the corner watching her get off with the vibrator whilst I took control of the settings. Watching her cum as I sat back and watched and she was helpless, was insanely hot.

The hottest thing ever was watching my girlfriend using a remote control vibrator:

remote control love egg

This remote control works from up to 10 meters away so I can control the speed she gets, when she gets it and when she cums. We decided to take our new vibrator out into the public and into a bar, the music was loud and as we sat at the bar sipping our drinks I turned the vibrator on and teased her bringing her to the edge of an orgasm and stopping whenever she got too close.

She was so wild, she didn’t want me to stop, all she wanted was to cum. I won’t divulge into whether I let her cum in the bar or not but let’s just say she got the attention she was begging for.

Where Are We Now?

woman in bathrobe in hotel bathroom

Well, we actually got married. She’s now my wife and the sex honestly couldn’t be better. My wife is hornier than ever, she enjoys sex so much and I actually find it hard to keep up sometimes.

We have made a few more homemade videos and we were thinking about maybe one day actually uploading them? What do you think? we have used sex toys and even filmed an anal scene. However, if you let us know we are seriously open to filming something for you just let us know in the comments below or send your suggestions in!

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