What does my naked girlfriend look like?

I am loving this erotic series from this fabulous couple. Let me know in the comments your thoughts. I love working with them ad having them in my dungeon.

Before you read this make sure you read part 1. It gives you great insight into our sex lives and how we even came about making an actual porno together.

This was so out of the ordinary for us but something we were desperate to do. Making a homemade porno and then having people online read about it has been such a whirlwind for us but we love seeing all of your comments and my wife gets off knowing other people are getting off to her.

Second Day Of Filming A Porno With My Girlfriend

After our first successful video, we decided we wanted to do another and experiment once again. My girlfriend wanted to give me a blowjob and show the camera what she could do to my cock. I mentioned in the first part of this story that she loves showing off and knowing you are getting off to her makes her so horny.

This was all new to us, we have never really filmed ourselves before, we are definitely not porn stars and we didn’t know how well it was going to be perceived but seeing the comments you sent in about us making our porno and how good it sounded has put has both on cloud 9. My girlfriend is so happy and she reads through them all with a huge smile on her face.

The Blowjob Was Amazing Because…

My girlfriend took her blowjobs to a whole new level, a level we had never ever been on before. My girlfriend tried this deep throat spray (Honestly it felt amazing). She sprayed it into the back of her throat before she went down on me and it completely numbed her gag reflex making it possible for her to deepthroat me and enjoy my whole cock.

She had never gone down on me like that before, it felt so good. I thought she was a completely different woman sucking me off.

I Usually Cum In Minutes

I do sometimes have trouble with cumming far too quickly, my penis is so sensitive and once I am inside that warm pussy my cock instantly wants to cum.

As we were going on vacation I wanted to make it good, I wanted the sex to last and so I did some research and found this cream (it’s meant to give you an erection while stopping you from cumming too soon). It basically desensitizes your penis for a little while so that you can enjoy sex without worrying about cumming.

I have tried the sprays that people talk about before but they just don’t work for me, I don’t know why but I have gone through a few and it made no difference or little to no difference to me. On impulse I bought this delay cream, I wanted to just try it on holiday and see if it helped.

I used it during our porno that we shot and not only did I last so much longer than I usually do I actually came so hard, but there was also so much cum. I am unsure as to whether it had something to do with the cream but I am going to blame it on that.

Cumming On My Naked Girlfriend (why she got mad)

My girlfriend (now wife) is the kinkiest woman I have ever been with, she is up for trying out anything and she constantly keeps me on my toes. Her body is amazing, her pussy is tight and beautiful and she begs me to have sex with her, she loves my cock and she loves fucking.

The reason she was so mad after I came on her was that she was sad that I didn’t cum inside of her, she told me I wasted it and she wanted me to fill her up with my warm cum.

Want To Read More About Us?

You can read part 3 here. My girlfriend, now wife, wants to share our honeymoon video story with you if you’re interested. She used her favorite sex toys which she loves and the sex on a whole on our honeymoon was so incredibly sexy and a moment I can now always look back on.

We are just normal people so if you want to let us know what you think in the comments below or by sending in your comments, my wife and I read them all and love hearing from you.

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