A Dominatrix Guide To Nipple Clamps and Suckers

If you enjoy nipple and breast stimulation it’s only natural to move up from fingers and mouth play and upgrade to nipple clamps and suckers, you want to move onto the next level of pleasure which can only be done through these two things. There’s only so much pinch a finger can bring and when you step into my world, I will show you just how very easy it is to unlock nipple pleasure.

What Do Nipple Clamps/Suckers Do (Unlocking Your Second Cock/Clit)?

By using nipple clamps and suckers, you can unlock new sensations, sensations that have never been felt before. The type of sensations that you didn’t think were possible and all of us have them locked away within us. By stimulating the nipple, getting the nerves drawn out and stimulated, you can expect to feel powerful arousal inside of the nipple, delivering all over pleasure to you and even unlocking the erotic sensation of a nipple orgasm.

Some people call the nipple a ‘second clit’, I don’t call them that, I feel the pleasure is different, it’s a different kind of excitement and whilst nipple orgasms are very much real and possible, for me the constant stimulation and incitement surrounding the nipple, giving your body a new kind of pleasure is what I love and I love giving to my clients in my dungeon.

Nipple Play Is For Men And Women (Trust Me)

Contrary to popular belief, men’s nipples can be just as sensitive as women and can be stimulated in just the same way. I am a professional dominatrix and I have had plenty of men come into my dungeon who get off on nipple stimulation, the leaky pre-cum that comes out of the penis is proof enough for me that men also enjoy nipple play and it isn’t just reserved for women.

Most men that come into my dungeon enjoy me using toys on their nipples, it’s a very real pleasure for them and one 99% of them haven’t ever tried out. Don’t take me the wrong way, I LOVE stimulating women’s nipples, I love giving women that pleasure and likewise a lot of them have never had stimulation from their nipples either but I want you to know that both men and women are very capable of deriving pleasure from their nipples. Lots of pleasure.

The Best Nipple Clamps And Suckers In My Collection

I wanted to showcase to you my very best nipple toys, these are all inside of my dungeon, ready to stimulate and bring happiness to my clients. These are all the most-used, the most requested and the toys that I feel bring my clients the most joy. They are suitable for men and for women and if you scroll on down after picking your clamps or suckers, you will see I made a guide, specifically on how I use my clamps on my clients. If you have any questions just leave them in the comment section below.

Adjustable Nipple Clamps (Being In Full Control)

These nipple clamps are completely customizable, you slide the tweezer shape over the nipples (PVC coated for added comfort) and then slide the ring up to your desired intensity. They’re wonderful for beginners or even advanced people as the adjustment really allows you to tailor them to you and your needs. If you like a soft pinch or a strong nip, these clamps are ideal. The chain that connects the two clamps also has a really cute bondage feel to it, which makes them perfect for me and my dungeon.

Beginners Adjustable Clamps

If you’re just starting out with nipple play or if you have no idea where to even start, these beginner adjustable clamps will do the trick. They are silicone coated for your comfort, adjustable by sliding the ring up and down the clamp and they are really non-intimidating. These can be pulled and pinched harder once you get used to them and they are really ideal for those not knowing where to start but for those who know they would like some form of nipple play.

Vibrating Nipple Clamps (When I Want To Light Your World Up)

Vibrations are how I can usually make my clients cum through nipple stimulation, it’s a sensation that cannot be achieved through anything else and it always seems to tip them over the edge. These vibrating nipple suckers are suctioned onto the nipple which in itself increases sensitivity and erectness. Once the vibrations are switched on, the trembling pleasure erupts around the sensitive nipples, forcing the nerve endings to rear their head and be stimulated. This vibration pleasure is sensational and rocks your partner’s world.

Personally, I Recommend adding a massage wand to any of the other nipple clamps on my list (that’s what I do).

My Go-To Suckers (So, Easy To Use, You Can’t Mess Up)

Many people believe that nipple stimulation is one of the key elements to having not just a good orgasm but a great one. These nipple suckers stimulate the nipple, making it sensitive and stimulated without the need to use your hands. You can use these when you are alone or with a partner as they are just so easy to use.

These suckers are perfect for anyone as they do their job, whether you use these before you use clamps or you use these as your main method of stimulation, it’s up to you.

If you want something a little more heavy-duty, I recommend these intense nipple and clit suckers. They do offer a more intense stimulation, so if you enjoy a tailored sensation that’s a little more hardcore, these are ideal.

Magnetic Clamps

These magnetic orbs are really, really strong, they work as you place them on either side of your nipple, drawing blood into the nipple and increasing sensitivity and sensation. They feel great as they clamp your nipples and when you remove them you will find your nipple to be extra sensitive and ready for play, which again, is key to a great orgasm. Another great thing about these magnetic clamps is the fact that they are not just for nipples but you can use them on your labia, balls, and frenulum.

Nipple Clothespin Clamps

These stainless steel clothespin nipple clamps are heavy duty and perfect for nipple torture, tugging and nipple play. They are heavy so they do create a tug of their own. The stainless steel clamps clip onto the nipple or any other unsuspecting area of the body and create a sharp, satisfying pinch to bring stimulation to life. The nipples are forced to be erect, drawing blood into them and thus increasing sensations.

Japanese Clover Clamps (Heavy Duty)

With a firm grip, these clamps will send your nipples into overdrive. If you are looking for something that’s heavy-duty and not for just anyone, these clover clamps will send you into a spin. They are tight on the nipple, delivering sensation like never before and the cute bondage-inspired chain can be pulled for increased stimulation although, with these clamps, you don’t often need it.

Ball Gag With Clamps (For Naughty Boys/Girls)

If you’re looking for something that can give you the BDSM look these nipple clamps have an added twist, they have incorporated a breathable ball gag which looks so sexy and alluring when it’s on. It adds a different vibe to these nipple clamps and I just love seeing one of my subs in this. The clamps are also adjustable so you can play around with how tight or loose you want them to be. The ball gag strap has also an O-ring built into it so you can attach chains, leashes and other compatible objects to it for diverse play.

Womanizer (Not Only for Your Clit…)

I love the womanizer if you want to make a woman have the best orgasm of her life, get her this. If you are a woman, buy this for yourself, it is incredible. It gently sucks your clitoris and the sensations are so much different to a vibrator, whilst I am a big fan of vibrators this suction is unparalleled. Although it is designed to suck your clit into a frenzy it can be used on your nipples too and that same suction used on your nipples is out of this world. It feels like someone is sucking your nipples, bringing them incredible power and building them up to a big orgasm.

DIY Nipple Clamps

Sometimes, people, have a strange ask for me and I have to make something special for them. I would not usually recommend these DIY options for most people, however, I figured I needed to have something for everyone. These are more for quick fixes or to complete a fetish, they aren’t as satisfying as actual purpose-built nipple clamps. Below you will find some of my homemade clamps options:

Chopsticks Method

For this method you take two chopsticks, ensure they are free from any splinters or rough edges, place the two chopsticks together and tie an elastic band around each end, the tighter you loop the elastic band around the chopsticks, the tighter your DIY nipple clamps will be. You can keep testing how tight they are by pushing your little finger into the middle of the chopsticks and testing how tight they are.

Peg Method

Get hold of some clothespegs, the smaller ones are actually better and these can be found in craft stores. With your new clothespeg, secure it over the nipple, as it tightens itself, clamping down on the area. You can also secure your clothespegs to other areas of your body to draw blood into that area and make it more sensitive. Some people also enjoy this as part of torture play.

Hair Clips

Do you know those medium-sized plastic hair clips? They work as great DIY beginners nipple clamps, they secure around the nipple and give you a gentle tug. They are also very discreet to keep around your room and can be used again and again.

Paper Clips

Ensuring there are no sharp edges, you can secure paper clips to your nipples, just like you would a piece of paper. They aren’t the most heavy-duty DIY clamps but they can do the job if you are looking for a little bit of nipple stimulation. Paper clips can be found anywhere and they are easy to use, which is always a bonus with DIY.

How To Use Nipple Clamps Like A Dominatrix

Below I am going to give you a detailed guide on how you can use your new nipple clamps and accessories just like I do, that way when you use them on your partner or on yourself, you can feel and perform like a professional. I hope you enjoy! If you have any questions or anything to add that you do with your clamps, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Suck, Lick, Squeeze And Grab

I like to make sure foreplay is at the forefront of any type of nipple stimulation. Getting the nipples ready and excited for playtime is essential and will make sure their nipples are prepped for a bit of play.
Warm up the breast and nipples, get them excited. Suck them, pinch them, squeeze them and incorporate them into whatever you are doing. It will really make a difference

Picking Your Nipple Play Toy And Putting It On

Once the nipples are warmed up, apply your new nipple clamp or toy. Start as loosely as you can and once your partner is ready you can tighten the clamps as the nipples get used to the squeezing sensation. If the sex toy you have picked allows you to adjust, do this one nipple at a time, listening to your partner’s body and increasing or decreasing the clamp as they ask.
Beginner advice: Try some temperature play with ice, to numb the nipple and make it easier to apply the clamp at the start.

Restraining the Hands Is Always A Good Idea (Giving Up Control)

I like to make my clients submit to me and I think that’s a great idea even in your personal life. Make your partner lose all control to you by restraining their hands. I like to use these handcuffs on them, knowing they are at the mercy of me, restricted and confined, it’s just a turn on for them and for me. Nipple play essentially is a big part of bondage and BDSM and adding a little bit of restraint into the mix just makes things a whole lot naughtier.

Magic Wand + Nipple = $ӣ%$%^

I have mentioned before how much I love my magic wand. It is for your clitoris but you can use it on your nipple also. Get your magic wand and hold it against the nipple, it feels f**king amazing for men and for women. This constant intense vibration can cause a nipple orgasm so be prepared for absolute pleasure.

Tickle Time Or Spanking Time?

Add a tickler (I like this one) if they’ve been good during nipple play, slowly tease their body with a tickler, stimulating their senses and nerve endings and end with the tickler on their soft nipples. This tickler provides anticipation and awakens the sexual excitement from within, it feels so soft and nice as it runs its way around the soft skin.

If they have been bad and disobedient then add a crop whip and lightly tap their clamped nipples with your crop. Slapping their entire body with it, including their now very sensitive, erect nipples.

Don’t Forget Their Cock/Pussy

I find the best orgasms come from stimulating not just the nipples but the cock and/or the pussy too. Fuck, Suck, Massage, Lick And Play With Them, while they are clamped up inside the nipple toys and everything will feel amazing. Their senses will be heightened, their anticipation and desire to be touched will be electrifying and they will thank you for every touch they can get.

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