Sharing My Wife On Our Holiday To France

I love this erotic story that was sent to me by one of my clients, I hope you enjoy it. Let me know in the comments if you would love to do it too.

I just went on the trip of a lifetime and got to give my wife an anniversary present she’ll never forget.

Here’s how it happened.

My wife and I are part of the swinger lifestyle and have been for many years. We travel around America to different nudist beaches, swinger resorts and have even been on a swinger cruise.

This year we decided to save up and go to France for two-weeks of luxury.

It was wonderful, we eat amazing food, drank lovely wine and saw amazing sights.

Paris was on shut down on Saturday due to protests, so we decided to leave early and make our way down to the coast.

We Found A Swingers Bar

Swingers bar

It had been a while since we opened up our relationship and after a few flirtatious moments with different French men, I could see my wife was itching to try a French man.

So, when we got to our next place I went on the Swinglifestyle website and checked if there were any swinger bars/nudist beaches around where we were staying.


There was one a 20-minute drive away, so we visited the website, got the info and decided to take a trip down the next evening.

In France the swingers clubs are different, the venue looks more like a dark 5-star hotel reception, the dress code is upper-class shirt and city shoes for men and seductive dress and lace lingerie for women.

It was a novelty to us and we were both excited.

Going To A Swingers Club

We arrived around 8:30 PM, my wife looked stunning.

We paid the entry and both nervously took a look around (there’s always that awkward moment where you pray you’re not the only couple to have turned up, lucky it was full with couples and trios).

We went straight to the bar and got some cocktails, they cost 23 euros each, about 30 dollars, which is over double the normal European price, we didn’t mind because it was such a wonderful club.

We’re sat drinking, my wife and I met a few couples, had a few kisses, a few conversations, and a little touching.

We sat back at the bar and there was this guy who was french, he came there was another couple, but they had left him out.

My wife and he got talking and they really hit it off, the club was near shutting so she invited him to our hotel for the night.

He told us that he had to work really early for a few hours, but he knew a beautiful spot on a nudist beach where you could have sex as the sunset.

My wife looked at me starry-eyed and asked if we could try it.

I agreed and he told me he’d text the address.

We Went To Have Sex On A Nudist Beach

nudist beach in France

We made it to the nudist beach before him and decided to take a few pictures and enjoy the freedom of being naked.

My wife was so turned on, but at the same time nervous that she’d still like him.

He turned up with a cool box filled with drinks and took us to the area he was talking about. His English was amazing and I could tell my wife was under his spell.

He put down a blanket, got us all a drink and we just sat talking, he was flirting with my wife touching her legs and they kept almost kissing.

Then he made the move…

They Started Having Sex

They started making out and I got my camera on. As you can see in the video he started touching her g-spot with his fingers and she went nuts for it.

I cut it out the video, but he was there for 5 minutes and all I could hear was my wife’s juices dripping his hand.

My wife doesn’t usually cum when she’s with other men, but this guy was doing everything right and he even got her squirting.

He then put a condom on and started having sex with her.

I’m so glad I filmed it because she’s never made noises like that.

She was so in the moment I don’t even think she knew I was there.

All I knew is seeing the view of his thick cock going inside my wife’s tight, beautiful pussy was bliss.

Then He Went Inside Her Ass

They had sex for about 20 minutes, my wife was pussy in his hands.

I could see her ass was opening and this usually means my wife wants anal sex.

Now, I’ve never shared her ass with another man, I could see him playing with it using his fingers and I could hear my wife moan and push onto his finger like she wanted more, but I was shocked when he stopped and asked if he could try anal with her.

I was even more shocked when without missing a beat she said YES!

I was a little hurt at the time, but now I look back it was one of the hottest experiences of my life.

Once it was over he went and got us another drink from the cool box and they both got dressed.

We then made our way back to the hotel, my wife was in an orgasm trance and didn’t really say anything.

We got back to the hotel and had a shower together.

We both giggled and my wife asked to see the video, I watched it back with her and I actually got more turned on watching it back than actually being there.

We then went out for a few more drinks, before coming back to the hotel and having sex with each other.

The Next Day

We woke up the next day, my wife made a joke about her butt hurting and that she couldn’t sleep because she was kept making herself horny thinking about what had just happened.

We plan to go back to France next year and If we do I’ll send Lucy the video for her to upload.

Hope you enjoyed this, as I mentioned in the video, if you recognize my wife or her lover please respect their privacy, I love sharing these videos and in order to keep sharing that’s all I ask for :).

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