My Guide To Puppy Play (Becoming A Dog)

Today I want to talk to you about puppy play, also known as ‘pup play’. I am a professional dominatrix and men come into my dungeon all of the time looking for me to be there master as they run around my dungeon like a little doggy. It’s not a walk in the park (no pun intended) to master the art of puppy play but if it’s something you’re interested in I have outlined below everything you need to know about puppy play in order to be the best puppy or master possible.

What Is Puppy Play?

Puppy play is a certain kink where the beta (submissive) is the puppy, wearing dog masks, paws, tails, collars and more to show off their status as a puppy. The puppy is cared for by the Alpha (dominant) who treats them as their puppy, scratching them, training them, reprimanding them and often sexually pleasuring them.

Puppy play can be done alone, by the puppy, this is where the puppy will wear their accessories around their homes or out discreetly in public, going to events and meet-ups for other puppies or puppy play is done in groups of two or more where the puppy is cared for by a master and is unable to do anything the master doesn’t allow them to do, much like a real dog. People who enjoy being a puppy often enjoy getting away from being themselves, having a totally different persona and letting themselves be totally free.

Dogs tend to sleep all day, eat from the floor, defecate when told too, dogs also are rewarded for being good and punished for being bad and people that enjoy puppy play often bring this into their own existence.

Puppy play is a lot different from being a furry and should not be put into the same category as someone who enjoys furry play.

I’m An Owner To Lots Of Puppies, Dogs, Alphas And Omegas

I am a professional dominatrix and therefore I am a master (handler) to many puppies. They all obey me and do as I say, they ask me to train them and care for them when they are inside of my dungeon and even some of them ask me to care for them and be there master outside of my dungeon.
If you are looking into puppy play, it is likely you will be your puppies only master or if you’re a pup, you will only have one master. It takes a lot to trust someone enough to give you such satisfaction and such respect, so choose your master wisely and care for your puppy appropriately, I didn’t become an owner of so many good puppies by not caring about my little pups.

What It’s Like Being My Pet (Story Time)?

Being my little pup is a very rewarding exchange. Give me the keys to your submission and you can be free in my dungeon. Slip-on your puppy mask, insert your little butt plug, make sure you remember the paws! and with that, you are free to play down here.

I demand good behavior, no climbing on any of the surfaces, no incessant whining or barking, no disobeying me and most importantly doing everything you are told by me, your handler.

When you’re my pet I will expect you to look your best and if you don’t, expect me to groom you. I love to make my little puppy happy so expect plenty of treats and plenty of pleasure, for when you’re good. When you’re bad, I am sorry, but puppies need to learn and I will punish you however I see fit. Some puppies get a quick spank, others get taught a lesson with their little pup cock.

The type of puppy you are you can tell me all about before coming to my dungeon, that way I know the type of handler I have to be. Some puppies of mine just love to be stroked, trained and allowed to play, other puppies of mine enjoy being punished and being given sexual pleasure.

Being my puppy requires a lot of trust and respect from both me and my pup.

Letting My Dog Socialize

I do let some of my more obedient pups socialize, I let them meet up with other pups at special meetups, there they can play with other puppies and get to interact. The handlers are also free to attend and socialize too, sharing tips and advice on how best to care for their puppy.

A lot of my pups go alone to these events, wearing a collar etched with my name and number on it, however, some of my pups do need me to attend with them and from there I can keep an eye on them and ensure they are on their best behavior.

I also host meet up’s inside my dungeon, small gatherings for handlers and pups to come too, getting to play down there with their masters and meeting other pups. I think it’s important to let my dogs socialize, nobody likes to see a puppy lonely.

Teasing My Poor Little Pet

If I am feeling a little cruel I like to tease my little pups, making them howl and grown, moan and bark at me. Teasing them by not giving them attention or if they are my sexual pups by not allowing them the release they so desperately need until I feel like it.

Breeding My Dogs

My pets all have different preferences, if them preferences match up and the other owner agrees, then we let the breeding happen.
Some of my alphas breed with all the females, others will only breed with males and vice versa (depending on their sexuality).

We make sure our pets are comfortable with the breeding process before we allow them near one another, you know what horny dogs are like.

Playing Alone With My Dog

A lot of pets prefer playing alone in my dungeon, sometimes with the exception of another dog. They enjoy cuddles, feeding and being told off when they are naughty. We play ball games and sexual games (if they are that way inclined).

My Puppy Play Toys, Wear And Equipment

I have a lot of puppy play toys, equipment and things they can wear. It is essential as a handler to have everything my pup may need and that’s what makes me a great handler. I listen to their needs, buy them gifts and ensure that their need to explore the puppy play kink is excelled and fulfilled in every way.

Two-Toned Dog Hood (Boy Doggies)

A gorgeous dog hood that looks like Doberman, this hood has a zipped up mouth so you can lock it up and open it whenever you choose and it comes with a removable mouth gag that you can use when your pup is just being too noisy or when they need to be put in their place. This leather hood laces up comfortably at the back of the head and it comes with a collar along with an O-ring should you need to attach a leash to your pup. Ideal for serious pet play and those looking to make their pup feel right at home.

Leather Dog Hood With Muzzle, Bildfold, And Gag (Boy)

Heavy duty and able to provide you with an array of play options this dog hood is for those puppies that need a little more sexual pleasure. Complete with a removable blindfold and gag this animal hood will keep your pet fully submissive and at your mercy. With easy access to the mouth and the ability to attach a leash to the hood, this is a great option for your naughtiest of pups.

Cute K9 Hood And Muzzle

Ideal for the types of pups who enjoy more freedom. Some people don’t enjoy the confines of a hood and so this open hood and muzzle combination allows the pup to give you more facial expression and it allows them more movement in their face. The ears are completely removable and it comes with a gag, so you can quite your puppy down when needs be. It’s a cute beginner puppyhood and if your partner or client feels intimidated it’s a great place to start.

Bondage K9 Muzzle

Enjoy a firm yet comfortable fit with the non-locking buckles and the soft leather. This muzzle allows animal roleplay with more freedom, much like the muzzle above. It has a removable gag yet it still allows your puppy to show you their puppy dog eyes and pleading looks. A muzzle that’s ideal for all types of puppies, no matter your level. This type of muzzle is also preferred by pups who go to events in public.

Leather Puppy Paws (Unisex)

If your puppy likes to walk on all fours, these mitts are my go-to when they come to my dungeon. They have dog paw prints on the outside for traction and extra realism and they are adorned with high-quality leather. The mitts are lockable and can have a leash or other restraining devices attached to them.

Leather Collar With Spikes

A beautiful collar with shiny, menacing spikes, this spikey collar is worn by the most loyal or the most disobedient of puppies in my dungeon. If the wearer is good and loyal, they won’t let the menacing look of this collar go to their head, if they are a puppy that needs training, this spiked collar may lead them to believe they are in charge which is where a handler like me steps in and shows them just how to behave.

Collar For Alpha Dogs

Heavy-duty and made for dogs who know their place in the world, this spiked large leather collar, encompasses your pup’s whole neck and shows other pups who is in charge of them. Whilst your pup is loyal to you it doesn’t stop them from being the Alpha in a pack of dogs. Lockable and threatening, this collar is not for pups who are just beginning their training.

Spiked Leather Choker

The great thing about this leather choker is that it can be worn in public and it won’t arouse much suspicion. Have your pup wear it day to day and out in public when they are alone so that they are always reminded of their master and never stray too far. It can also be used in my dungeon as it does have the ability to attach a leash to it so it isn’t just a cute spikey accessory.

Training Leash And Collar

When your pup is still in puppy training this soft leash and collar is perfect. It is flexible, non-intimidating and ideal for pups who need a bit of obedience training before moving onto bigger things. Use it to guide your pup and teach them who is in charge here. When a new pup comes to me I always ensure I have a leash and collar to tame them with, they need to learn some new tricks first.

My Favorite Leash (Perfect For Any Type Of Dog)

Use this chain leash with most collars, restraints or cuffs. It’s perfect for any type of dog as it’s sturdy and the metallic chain link design is a subtle nod towards BDSM. It allows you to keep your pet close to you at all times, keep them under control and at a public event it shows dominance towards your pups and the others in the room. It’s also really affordable which often chain link leashes aren’t as the designer’s coin in on the whole BDSM aspect of them.

Knee Pads (A Must For Any Pup)

If your pup spends a lot of time on their knees then these luxury knee pads are a must-have. I don’t like to see my pups with bruised knees (unless they have been very naughty) and so I make sure they are comfortable, these pads are secured easily, they stay in place and they make it so your pup has more freedom to roam around and be themselves without causing any pain to their joints.

Silicone Puppy Tail (I love seeing it wag)

I love this puppy tail, it gives my doggies some internal pleasure as well as pleasing me, their handler, and making them look so cute. This tail stimulates them internally, I ask them to wag their little tail for me and the pleasure on their faces when the butt plug begins stimulating them is enough to make me melt inside.

Fluffy Tail Plug (For My Cuddly Dogs)

Some pups are naturally more loving and enjoy snuggles a lot more and this butt plug is for them. It’s fluffy, cute and fits their personalities well. The butt plug pleasures them and makes them feel so good and their cute little fluffy tail puts a big smile on my face. I love also when they feel the tail between their legs, some of them even go onto catch it like the silly pups that they are.

Training My Puppy To Play (BDSM Pet Play Guide)

I mentioned at the start that being a handler/owner is a very prestigious task, you have to know how to do it and what you are doing and so I have created a guide on how to get a new puppy and train it and care for it in the best way possible. If you have any questions feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.

Finding Out What Type Of Dog I Have

When new pups come into my dungeon for the first time I make sure I get to know who they are as a pup and how they are to be treated. Just like real dogs, my pups all have different personalities, different wants, and different needs so it’s important to understand exactly how to train them and how to make sure their animal roleplay experience is as great as it possibly can be.

I need to find out if they are an aggressive pup, cute and snuggly, well-behaved, attention-seeking, testing, obedient, etc. All of my pups have different traits and so it’s up to me to find out how to best train them and care for them.

Naming My Dog (Getting A Collar)

Once my pup has submitted to be we have a very special moment where I name them, give them a collar and take ownership of them.

It’s a big deal and it means you now have a handler and someone to care for you. It’s a big moment and in my care, I will only take ownership once I know you are ready to submit to me and my training is working.

My Page Of Rules (teaching obedience)

I like to have a set of rules that we follow that way I can track my pup’s progress and ensure they are on the right track with me. Once they learn my ways, we can work together and be the best team possible.

Teaching Them New Tricks – I teach my pups new tricks, such as sit, stay, cuddle, all fours, wiggle, fetch, etc. Once we have mastered them all, we can move on.

The easy way (rewards and treats) – When they’re good and obedient and do as I say, that gets rewarded with cuddles, head scratches, pleasure, and treats. It pays to be good when I am your owner.

The hard way (spanking, restraint and telling off) – If my pup is naughty they get put in their place. This may be with punishments such as spanking, restraint and sexual punishments or it may be with my voice, I may shout at them and tell them off, restricting them from play and not letting them out of their cage.

Playing Together (Learning to kiss, lick each other clean and play well with others) – I make sure all of my pups, even the alphas, are well behaved in public. I ensure they play nicely, listen to my commands and no never to bite, scratch or hurt other pups or handlers.

Feeding My Dogs – I use this pet bowl to feed and water my pups, I fill it with treats and other delicious items when they are hungry or need a treat. It’s aesthetically pleasing and looks really cute in my dungeon.

Do My Pets Always Dress Up?

All pets are different. Sometimes I need them to be naked with just a collar and a leash, maybe a dog hood. Sometimes they will wear just a hood, sometimes they wear everything including paws, a tail, hood, ears, and briefs. It all depends on the pup and the type of day we are having. Some pups like to always be dressed up, it gives them more freedom to play around with the puppy play kink, others don’t care as much.

Do You Want Me To Be Your Handler?

Join me on Patreon and I can keep you in check. Also, get yourself this collar and Tweet me or send me a message with you wearing it, I will tell you exactly what I think of it and you can be my little internet pup.

Puppy Play Personals/Dating (Finding Others To Play With)

I have left below some great places where you can find other pups to play with, let me know how you get on!

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