I Just Trained A Submissive Wife (Turning Her into A Sex Toy)

I am a professional dominatrix, I do this sort of thing every single day but usually with men. I usually deal with submissive men who want to be punished and controlled, I have dealt with women before but this is more often than not when a couple visits my dungeon.

Something new to me was when I met the woman I am going to be talking about in this article. No money changed hands, I did it because I genuinely liked her and I thought I could help her in my free time. I like a challenge and I guess selfishly it was a turn on for me to be someone’s first dominatrix, showing her everything there is to know about being a submissive. I took her from being a shy, totally clueless housewife to being a totally submissive slut and it’s one of my proudest achievements.

She Came to Me Behind Her Husband’s Back

When she first approached me I was taken back, she was strikingly good looking but when I actually began talking to her I realized she was incredibly shy. We met at a coffee shop and she quietly told me all about her bedroom woes, going into terrific detail about her love for being a submissive and that little voice inside of her stopping her. The other people in the coffee shop faded into the background as we spoke for hours about her bedroom life and unbeknownst to her, the second I met her I knew I was going to help. I told her I didn’t want any money just her time and attention, I wanted her to become the ultimate slut wife submissive and it was just the challenge I had been looking for.

She Read My Blog And Wanted Me Unlock The Submissive Inside Her

She had found me through my blog, she told me that my stories about my dungeon fascinated her and she wanted to learn how she could become like one of my sissies, except the slut wife version. She told me all about how she knew she was naturally very submissive, willing to let her husband dominate her however he sees fit but she just doesn’t know how to unlock that side to her fluidly. Her husband loves it when she is submissive in the bedroom but is as clueless as her as to what they are supposed to be doing. I told her I could help, she just needed to trust me.

She Lived Near Me And Came To My Dungeon (1 Hour Away)

Luckily she lived pretty close to me, she was around an hour away from my dungeon. I told her to come along the next week for a couple of hours, to bring nothing but herself. I told her it might be tough but it was going to be so worth it. As I left the coffee shop I felt elated, this was the challenge I was looking for and she was perfect.

She Wanted To Become More Submissive (Her Why)

This woman wanted to become more submissive as her new husband loved it and it was a quality she had naturally but she just didn’t know how to use it correctly in the bedroom.
She found it quite hard to fully submit but she wanted it so badly, not just because her husband loved it but because she knew how much she loved it too but they were both totally clueless and had no idea where to start.

She knew it would give her more confidence if she had a platform she could start on and she knew to learn from someone she liked who is a professional would be her best option. She was prepared to go to any lengths to help her unlock this natural kink inside of her and I was beyond excited for her to turn up and get started.

Starting Her Submissive Wife Training

She turned up early to my dungeon on the day we had arranged, she was wearing mom jeans and a shirt, cute white trainers adorned her feet and she looked nervous. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she looked like she had stepped straight out of a mom movie set, she is so naturally pretty. I told her to put her stuff down and come over to the middle of the dungeon, I was dressed in one of my favorite outfits, a black PVC dress, tight and unforgiving, perfect for a dominatrix.

Finding Out What Kind Of Sub She Was

This is where we needed to start, I needed her to be honest with me, let loose and tell me exactly what turned her on, off and left her feeling in-between the two. I needed to know if she enjoyed being a slave, giving up all control, being a pet, a 24/7 submissive, a roleplay submissive, a cuckquean, a sub only in the bedroom, etc.

We then created a list of yes’s and no’s you can do this yourself at home if you are looking for how to dive into becoming a submissive. I asked her what types of sex toys she wanted to use, didn’t want to use, what type of stimulation she likes if anal was or wasn’t an option if consensual ‘no choice’ was allowed if butt plugs were something she was open too and so and so forth.

These were her results from an online test she took anonymously before coming in to see me in my dungeon:

bdsm test results

As you can see, she was very ready to become a submissive and now I had a rough idea of what she liked, she enjoyed being a naughty submissive (a brat), she enjoys being degraded, tied up and restrained, she enjoys roleplay, voyeurism, being hunted down like prey, acting as a slave for her partner and having pain inflicted upon her and that was just the beginning of it.

We Started With Roleplaying

I told her to sit down on a chair in my dungeon and to just let go, she crossed her legs and I told her we were going to run through some roleplay scenarios, ones where she was the ‘lesser’ of the two. This did take some time to really break her in and make her experiment, I have broken it down for you below but we did get there eventually:

First we started with teacher and student – I pulled down a blackboard and grabbed some chalk, I began writing out a sentence and told her to repeat it. She did it wrong so I reprimanded her, becoming increasingly annoyed by her behavior. I told her she was to learn the sentence or be punished. Although it was hard for her to relax into the role I could see she was loving the thought of getting into trouble with her teacher and the thought of staying back after class, alone with this powerful teacher was turning her on. I told her to remove her shirt or I would go over there and remove it myself, she did as she was told, her pert breasts straining beneath her bra. That was enough of that and I ticked off yes to her loving the idea of punishment for not obeying the rules.

Owner and Pet – I told her to get onto all fours and follow me around the room, I got her a dog bowl to use as she looked thirsty, I filled it up with water and watched her drink it tentatively. She was quite shy about this one but I knew she was enjoying it. I told her to sit still whilst I filled in some forms, she sat there like a good dog, I put a leash on her and led her around the room. After a while of play, it was clear she enjoyed the sexual side of puppy play, enjoying being cared for and caressed whilst maintaining the puppy persona but not for a long period of time, just during the session.

Police and criminal – She was in trouble for stealing some candy from a store, I told her she was in big trouble, she was going to be punished severely for doing what she did. I handcuffed her and restrained her into a chair, telling her she was not to move. I wanted to test out some punishment on her, so I roughly pulled up her bra and she began panting, exposing her breasts to me I pinched and pulled and her nipples and then brought my hand down to strike her breasts with my bare hands. I grabbed a flogger and began lashing her bare chest and she was loving it, opening her legs and panting, biting her lip and letting me punish her. She loved being in trouble with a superior force.

Personal Trainer and Client – Finally, I wanted to test her attitude towards being controlled by someone who is in awe of her. Making her do things where her ass was in total view and making her vulnerable with someone she ‘doesn’t know’ (ie the personal trainer). Putting her in positions where her body was totally submitted to theirs, making her do things she usually wouldn’t, just to please her trainer. Her trainer had total control over her, enjoying watching her work out and then punishing her when she didn’t do things properly.

After just doing them four different types of submission roleplay ideas, I knew how to handle this woman and I knew exactly how to turn her into a slutty little submissive wife. In our next session, we worked on the next step.

Fixing Her Attitude

I had to fix her attitude about being a submissive, I had to tell her so much stuff and get her to relax into being the person she is inside of the bedroom. It is ok to have kinks and it’s ok to practice them with your partner but I needed her to have that little kick up the ass she so desperately needed to become the best submissive.

Giving Her Confidence (Key)

She was seriously lacking confidence, she was so shy about her body and about her abilities in the bedroom that I needed her to know just how good she looked and how sexy she looked doing it. I showed her pictures and videos of women just like her in my dungeon, I even showed her my body, telling her how much my clients loved it and loved seeing it. I let her touch my body, getting comfortable with nudity. I gave her a lot of body confidence and body love and eventually after a lot of work I got her to understand her own submissive power and the ability to hand over the keys to her body to her partner. This took the most work but it was the ultimate pay off.

Getting Her Comfortable In Restraints

I played around with restraints with her for quite some time, she loved being all tied up and losing all control but I wanted her to see the extremes to really learn what she liked. We used ropes, spreader bars, cuffs, hogties, wall restraints, sex swings, leashes, cable ties and more. I made sure she was comfortable with everything and I wanted her to learn what she actually liked.

Her favorite way to be restrained is by using:

Handcuffs: Heavy duty with a bondage-style, these handcuffs were perfect for her as they kept her in position without being too intimidating. She loved using the use of her hands, it made her very submissive indeed.

Bed Restraints: These bed restraints are easy to use, allow you to secure arms and legs or just one of the two. They are strong, can withstand a lot of pulling and are the ultimate submissive treat. She loved using them as it meant she could be in the comfort of her own bedroom whilst still feeling like she was in my dungeon.

Spreader Bar: She loved using this spreader bar, it adjusts between 14 and 20 inches which makes it versatile and ideal for any size or position you want to try out. She loved being so unable to escape from this bar, especially when I attached the handcuffs and she was literally stuck in one position, unable to escape from my spankings.

Hog Tie: Connect this hogtie to the subs collar, wrist and/or ankles and watch them wriggle around in an aroused submissive state. She loved working with the hogtie, it made her feel so good and I must say she looked good all tied up in it.

Rope: She loved using rope, I used it to practice some rope play with her, tieing up her breasts, securing her with her hands behind her back in a sort of hogtie position and I use the rope to secure her wrists together.

She enjoyed other methods of restraint but we kept on coming back to these five options. She was so turned on by the idea of her husband being able to do anything he pleased when locked up in the restraints. Handing the keys of her body over to him requires trust but she was ready for it and the more we worked on restraints the more she was turned on and excited to get started with her husband.

After a few sessions she was given some homework, I told her to go home and show her husband what we had been working on. She took home some restraints and was to report back to me the next day with how it went down.

She told me it was incredible, she was restrained with her ass in the air and he was able to do anything he pleased. She told me she gave up total control and did everything he wanted to do, he spanked her, teased her and fucked her and it turned her on so much and I could see overnight how much it had given her confidence and changed her attitude. Her husband was also very, very happy.

Getting Her Naked (Submissive Positions and restraints)

You obviously don’t have to be always naked during sex and foreplay, some people wear outfits, lingerie, clothes with easy access, however, I wanted her to be totally confident and vulnerable with me. I made her totally undress a couple of sessions in, she was way more confident than she was on day one but she still tried to hide her breasts and pussy, I told her no and made her face me totally naked, her body was amazing. She moved her hands away from her body and I told her what to do, directing her just as her dom husband will.

I told her to get into doggy style where I spanked her, missionary where I played with her nipples and on her stomach where I ran a tickler across her body and restrained her in a hogtie. She really relaxed as she was becoming more turned on and I knew we had broken a barrier that will allow her to unlock more of that kinky submissive inside of her.

Training Her With Submissive Sex Toys

There are loads of sex toys out there suitable for submissives but as I was easing her into the submissive lifestyle I didn’t want to overwhelm her and so I stuck to the basics and decided to try her out with some of the best sex toys I could find in my kit to use on her without being overwhelming.

Butt Plugs: She loved using this butt plug, her face was a picture when I inserted it and watched her enjoy the sensations of it.
Spanking: She was a huge lover of being spanked, hard. I use this paddle on her which left her with marks but it only turned her on more. Being punished for being a brat and being told how slutty she was with the paddle was one of her favorite things to do.
Clamps: She quite liked using nipple clamps, she likes nipple play and the clamps were a nice feeling for her, although she did prefer more hands-on and less intense nipple stimulation at times.
Chastity: She didn’t like using a chastity belt, it wasn’t for her as she enjoyed being played with and playing with herself when instructed.
Gags: She really enjoyed it when I used a ball gag on her, restricting her voice and making her dribble was a real turn on for her.

Learning Is She Enjoyed Cum

Cum is a big part of being submissive for some subs, letting your dom cum where he or she pleases is a big part and a sign of trust, degradation and ultimate dominant status. Before she met me she didn’t let her husband cum anywhere near her, but I opened up her mind and allowed her to explore cum and she totally changed her view on it. Once I was done with her at this point, she wanted to try facials and swallowing. Something she had never ever done before, simply because she didn’t know how or why.

Some Other Tools I Used To Train His Wife

Collar: She picked this one out of the collection, she loved wearing it around my dungeon and attaching leashes to it. She then got herself a day collar to wear at home and out and about in public with her husband.
Blindfold: I used a simple blindfold on her, restricting her view of what I was doing and teasing her body, she loved it. Not being able to see what I was doing made her so turned on.
Using rope to restrain her was easy and she enjoyed the feel and look of it. I could get her into so many restrictive positions and she loved it.
Flogger: Tickling her body and sending sharp sensations to her nerve endings as she was tied up and blindfolded was a dream to her and something she had been missing her whole life.
Increasing her sensitivity and tickling her was a delight, she responded so well to it and it was one of the first sex toys I used on her.
To ease her into spanking I used this paddle, delivering shivering blows before we moved onto the more intense paddle.

The Finished Product (How She Turned Out)

It took a while to really make her just ‘let go’ that was my biggest challenge, getting her out of her own head and making her just enjoy the moment and not worry about anything else around her.

She Learned To Restrain Herself And Be Ready For Her Man

I am proud to say that she did finally learn to let go, she unlocked the submissive wife that was always inside of her hidden away and unsure how to be used and now she is a fully-fledged submissive who loves to serve herself and be the best sub she can be.

She learned how to submit, what turned her on and what turned her off, she learned how to communicate to her husband what she wanted and she learned how to satisfy his needs too. She learned how to be confident, expressive, submissive, kinky and turned on. She was a big challenge but it was so worth it when she came back to me a few weeks later and I saw just how far she had come.

She Loves His Face When She Lets Him Cum On And Inside Her Mouth

Something she learned about herself is that she gets turned on by cum faces, something she never ever knew before. She told me all about the first time she let her husband cum inside of her mouth, she was on her knees, dressed in a cute little lingerie set, with a leash in his hand and a collar around her neck, he told her to open wide and began emptying his balls into her mouth and she kept her eyes on his face and she felt an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction watching his face as he came, knowing she was responsible as a sub for his pleasure.

She Had Her First Submissive Anal Sex Experience

Having dabbled in anal nothing was as good as when she and husband did anal with her being a full-on submissive. She told me all about her being on all fours, restrained to their bed, a ball gag in her mouth as he told her to be still, he entered her from behind and she loved it, she told me how the foreplay and anticipation was too much to bear and she felt as if she could cum on his cock as soon as it was inside of her. She said there was no better feeling than giving up complete control and having her husband use her up like that, spanking her and penetrating her with such dominance that she was dripping wet.

Her Cute Husband Is In Shock

She told her husband everything we had learned over the weeks and she even practiced with him (as instructed by me), she was a different woman in the bedroom from the day I met her up until the day I sent her home and a few days later he sent me a crazy email, in fact, he won’t mind if I show you.

gmail email from her husband thanking me

The email said (as it’s a little small and hard to read):


I owe you a big thanks. My wife is a different woman since meeting you, I loved her dearly before but now our lives have been changed. As you know, I was always dominant and she always submissive but we had no idea how to act upon it and she did not have the confidence to want to try new things with me. You have changed her, she is like a little sex kitten, she is always ready to play and down to try things with me.

Her submissive skills are so professional (thanks to you), she knows exactly what she is doing and she gives me a run for my money. I have never cum so much or been so in love with her.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

See you soon,


He Is Coming For A workshop With His Wife This Week.

I have asked them both to come in this week, I want to really put them to the test, watch them play and hopefully improve some of his skills too. I am so intrigued about them now and I can’t wait to show him some of my dominant skills, it will make his wife weak at the knees and I cannot wait to provide them with that pleasure.

She’s Still Coming To Me

From time to time I still see her, she likes to brush up her skills with me and honestly, she gets really turned on being in my dungeon. I play a lot more with her now, dominating her and making her submit to me, I think she is getting off on it but I don’t mind, she’s cute and I can’t say I don’t get off on it too. I don’t get that many women in my dungeon.

Do You Want Me To Train/Play With You?

If you want me to dominate you, humiliate you, provide you with jerk-off instructions and more come and check out my patreon (Coming Soon).

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