What It’s Like To Have A Dominatrix Trample You

There is a very serious art to trampling, learning how to do it properly takes skill, patience, and determination. Not everyone can do it safely and that’s why I am here today to tell you all about what it’s like to have a real dominatrix trample you. I am a professional dominatrix by trade and there a quite a lot of my clients who enjoy trampling, so far all of them are men. It’s one of my favorite things to do and so when it’s requested I can’t help but be excited.

So, You Want To Get Trampled By Me?

It’s an honor for me to trample you, I hope you are fully aware of that? I don’t just trample anybody, I have to want to punish you and you seem just my type.
Just so that YOU know what you’re dealing I am 5’3, I weigh 130 pounds and my feet are a US size 5. Is that ok with you? It doesn’t matter if it isn’t. I am going to trample you anyway and you’re going to love it, aren’t you? Feeling my shoes all over you, hurting you. My ass squashing your face, my feet too! It’s going to be so much fun.

Just To Make Sure, You Know What Trampling Is?

I want to be sure you know what you’re getting yourself in for. You seem way to eager. Trampling can be said that it comes from an extreme foot fetish, it’s the act of walking over someone’s body, especially focusing on their genitals and face. People wear high heels normally but some people also like to wear other forms of footwear such as sneakers or boots and even barefoot at times.

The person being trampled gets sexual pleasure from this act, they enjoy the pain and humiliation of it. Trampling can also include facesitting, punching, beating, and suffocation. As you can see, it’s not for the faint-hearted and it must be done by someone who knows what they are doing, it’s very important that you know your own limits and that you have a good accommodating conversation and you are constantly checking on your partner. If you’re new to trampling you want your dom to use one foot at a time, whilst supporting their weight with a bar, if your dom wants to go straight in with both feet, they are not a good dom. You want to start slow and build up your tolerance and always ensure your safety.

Cute! You Want The Pain And Humiliation?

If you’re ready, let’s get into it! You really want me to walk all over your body? You want the pain and humiliation that trampling is going to bring? You want me to bust your balls with my heels? Great!

What’s your safe word? Ok great! Thanks for telling me. Remember to use it if you can’t take any more, I am serious about trampling and you don’t look like the type that can take a lot from me or am I wrong? Can you take a lot from my feet? Let’s just see, shall we?

Let’s Pick The Right Footwear

The right footwear will make my experience even better so which would you like to use? Take your pick from my assortment below. Most of the men that I play with enjoy heels, that’s the most common, they love the feeling of the heel going into their skin, specifically their stomach, penis and even face.

  • My cute red High heels
  • My thigh high heels
  • Boots
  • Vans or converse
  • Barefeet

Which did you pick? Let me know in the comments below.

What Shall I Wear?

Before you come into my dungeon you’re going to pick what I will be wearing. These are my most requested attires but of course if you anything you want me to wear that’s not on this list, let me know in the comments down below.

  • My Favorite Lingerie
  • Short skirt (panties on or off)?
  • Maybe I’ll wear my bitch skirt (latex, with tights)
  • Maybe naked if I feel like it…

Let me see if you deserve to actually choose what I wear first, I need to know if you’re even worthy to have what you want. After all, I am in charge here, not you.

The Trampling Starts Now (Guide, Experience And Story)!

Are you ready to begin? Actually, it doesn’t matter if you’re not because I am going to begin anyway. Follow my instructions, do exactly as I say and submit to me and my feet. I am going to treat you the way you deserve to be treated, you are mine now and until you leave this dungeon.

Lay The f**k Down, You’re My Bitch Now

Lay down on my bed. You’re my bitch now and I will treat you as my doormat, something worthless that needs to be trodden on and shown who is boss. You will do as I say and you will not complain, you will enjoy having my feet all over you, squashing your balls, your face, and your entire body.

Starting On My Bed

I like to slip something over your head, something like this hood. Once it’s on I will stand on my bed and slowly ease my feet onto you. Wearing my favorite heels I will trample up and down your body, ensuring my heels are digging into your skin. You will moan with pleasure as I move around and even dance at some points. Slowly I will make my way down to your groin and push my heels into your crotch all whilst giggling, busting your balls with my heels and you are going to love it.

I got tired and I need to sit, guess your face will do

All of that walking is tiring work! Phew! I need to relax for a minute, I guess your face is the comfiest option. I will sit down right there, on your face, playing on my phone and moving around to get myself comfy. I look back and see that your boner is raging, you like this don’t you? You dirty boy.

Moving To The Floor

You look too comfy there on my bed, let’s get you onto the floor. There we go, nice and easy. Great! You look much better on the floor honey. I won’t be a moment, I just have to get something.

Getting My Chair

I am going to start again, with a chair this time and see how much your weak body can take. I doubt you’re going to withstand it for long but we can try. I push the chair legs into you, making you moan and I know you are desperate for me and my feet but I won’t remove it until I want too, not you.

Walking All Over Your Belly

Now it’s time to say goodbye to the chair, I am going to use your body to walk on, I am in the mood for some exercise. Up and down I walk, pacing up and down your body, crushing your balls and penis, your face, chest, and legs as I go. Steadying myself on the nearby bar. I am loving this, you look like you are too. The marks on your body and the size of your erection speak volumes.

Dancing On Your Weak Body

As I am walking up and down your body in my heels, I start to dance, wiggling my body, moving my hips from side to side. The pain increases as I make sporadic movements, dancing to my own tune. I move up and down your body, wiggling, shaking and enjoying showing off my dance moves.

Don’t Look At Me (Face Trample)

Oh, you’re looking at me through your hood? Well stop it, I don’t want you looking at me. I make my way to your face, removing my foot from my heel and pressing down hard on your face, squishing and trampling you. Your face is to one side as I press my feet down, telling you off for looking at me. I am feeling a little tired again now, I need to sit down on your face again. Squashing you beneath me, I love hearing your little cries.

I Can Feel Your finger Underneath My Heels, ow no, wait that’s your cock?

I am back on your body now with my heels on and as I am walking up and down your body, I can feel your finger pressing against my heels, I wonder if it’s too much for you to bear? That’s when I notice your hands are by your side and actually it’s your cock I am feeling under my shoes. You must be so excited by this to have an erection but…it feels small? Are you sure that’s your cock?

Get Naked, OMG Is That It? It’s Still So Small!

Get undressed for me, I want to walk all over your fully naked body. Oh, that makes you hard when I said that? haha, omg, it looks like you’re about to cum. Your cock is throbbing, or is that your thumb? It looks happy to see me and if you say that’s your cock then I believe you.

I Don’t Want You Looking At Me

I have told you, again and again, I don’t want your eyes on me, I am enjoying myself here and I don’t want you ogling me. Keep this hood on, I am bored of looking at you and I want you to keep yourself to yourself.
If I catch you looking at me I will trample your balls, not stopping until I know you are about to stop me.

I’m Tired (Sitting on your throat)

On Your Hands and knees, I need to sit and have a rest. I will put my whole weight and body on your back as I sit on you and use you like a bench. I need to do something on my phone so stay still as you take my weight or there will be punishments.

Lay back down! I want to sit on your throat/face while I check my emails. Do not move or wriggle, I need you to be still. You will take my whole body weight on your chest, neck, and face as I check my emails and reply to some clients. Shall I let them know what I am doing right now? Sitting on your face? Having your erection bulging in front of me as I mindlessly scroll through my phone and use your chest and neck as a sitting area?

Are We Done?

Nope! You forgot to kiss my poor mistress feet, they’ve been working hard, I never want to ask you to remember something again, Okay?

Kiss them all better, suck on them and kiss all of the pain away from wearing these silly heels. I want them to feel precious and special.

Do You Need Help Trampling Your Partner?

If you want some tips on trampling your partner I have left a little guide below, however, make sure to always be really careful, listen to them and never put your full weight onto their body, have a support to hold you up and try one foot at a time until you both get used to it. Always have a safe word and even try back trampling first to get used to the feel and the pressure on their body.

  • Warm up their body (don’t just stomp), make them horny and relax their muscles with a nice massage or some foreplay.
  • Have something to hold onto (till you really know what you’re doing), use a shelf or anything that can hold your weight, hold onto it as you use one foot on their body.
  • Don’t just stomp anywhere, learn what they like. Some men hate ball trampling, some men love it, so be careful and listen to what they want.
  • Know how to put pressure on your play toy, you can’t just jump around like a fool, you have to know how to put your pressure on your partner. Do it slowly and with one foot at a time.
  • Know what areas to avoid (again it’s not about avoiding, it’s about knowing the right amount of pressure)
  • Wear the right outfit, I make sure my client picks the outfit for me, choosing what they like best so with your partner ask them if they want you to be casual, dressed up or even in a costume.
  • The key to a good trampling session for me is to be a bitch. I will slap him, manhandle him and be rude to him during a trampling session, he loves it and it makes the experience better for him. (Check your partner wants this first).
  • Ignoring him and his pleas are something I often do, he has to use the safeword if he really wants me to stop what I am doing. If he asks me to do anything sexual I will laugh at him and just make him feel generally quite small and inadequate.
  • He is nothing, just flooring, I only talk to let him know that. He is just the floor beneath me perfect feet and he has to know that.

Do You Want Me To Trample You?

Join my patreon and enjoy erotic JOI (jerk off instructions), I love working over there and I can’t wait to meet you.

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  1. I chose the vans with no socks and barefoot, I love how sweaty and stinky feet get in vans and I love feeling worthless and useless like I’m good for nothing other than to smell and be under a goddesses hard working sweaty stinky feet

  2. I love the scenario . I prefer barefoot trampling. I don’t care what you wear, not that that matters to you.. What are your rates?


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