My Guide To Vampire Gloves (Which Ones I Use)

I am a professional dominatrix and when someone asks for something like vampire gloves or when I know they are going to be a good match I make sure I know everything about that particular thing so that they have the best time in my dungeon imaginable. Vampire gloves are quite new to my collection but nonetheless they are now a welcome addition and I know a few of my clients are eternally grateful that I found them. In this article, I am going to tell you how I use vampire gloves, the types of vampire gloves that I use and how you can use them like a dom.

What Are Vampire Gloves?

If you are completely lost here and have literally no idea what a vampire glove could be, let me explain. A vampire glove is a glove used in BDSM play that is used for sensation play, there are small spikes (like little thorns) covering the glove which depending on how hard you press or grip feel like little delicate scratches or more sharp prangs. They stimulate the skin and provide you with little scratches that heighten sensitivity and feel almost ticklish at times.

Vampire gloves can be used for spanking, although you do need to be careful and take some precautions with this although I will go into more detail on that below. When spanking with a vampire glove it can cause small cuts, especially if the glove is particularly sharp. The spikes add a more intense element to spanking, which many people love.

You can also use vampire gloves for chastity play, with these on you will not be touching yourself, it’s the ultimate torture and it’s a great way to stop your sub from masturbating if you aren’t using a chastity device.

The Vampire Gloves I Use For Spanking And Sensation Play

vampire glove

These vampire gloves are beautifully made. 97 thin spikes line the leather of these gloves, press as gently or as roughly as you like and stimulate your subs senses. You may use these gloves for light spanking, controlling how hard your hand comes down and delivering shivering blows to your sub with the unforgiving spikes, you may also use these gloves to run your fingers across your subs body, stimulating every nerve ending and providing them with the garish sensation of being lightly scratched.

You may enjoy the sensation of being scratched, caressed and spanked, whatever you use your vampire gloves for, it’s time for you to enjoy and experience a new sensation.

I do want to give you a quick word of warning about using these gloves for spanking, yes it can be done and yes it feels great but if you are using your gloves with multiple partners do be cautionary as the spikes can cause bleeding if used too hard on the skin, cross-contamination is obviously not a great thing so if you are going to be using these gloves on multiple people I do recommend getting a couple of pairs and being very careful with not mixing them up.

My Chastity Vampire Gloves (Time To Lock You Up)

guy wearing chastity vampire gloves

These chastity vampire gloves are great fun and when my sub is being a little too unruly I like to lock them up in these gloves and see how long they can take it for. I tease my client, making their cock wish it could be used, I have them beg for me for release and I just keep on denying.

Yes, they can use their hands, of course, they can but if they do they are met with a tingling scratch if they grip down, which I often instruct them to do, a row of sharp teeth will clamp down and the sensation will ripple through them and ensure they don’t forget to always obey me.

One of the greatest additions is the buckle, it allows you to lock the gloves in place so that they cannot escape even if they try. It’s a cute touch to these bondage-inspired gloves and I love them.

Experience hands-off chastity, where the only thing stopping your sub from experiencing pleasure is themselves, they are there for the taking but every touch is met with a sharp reminder of who they are and why they are locked up. I love using these gloves for chastity, it never fails to bring a smile to my dirty little face.

How I Use My Little BDSM Gloves

I thought I would go into a little more detail about how I use my vampire gloves so that you can see they are quite versatile and suit the needs of many individuals. I, of course, am a professional dominatrix so the way I use my gloves may not be the way you use yours but if you are looking for ways you can use your gloves and be more dominant, follow what I do and you can be just like me, except in the comfort of your own home.


I’m a keyholder (you can join my patreon here) and an owner to a lot of sissies, cucks, and men who are locked up. I use these gloves when the chastity comes off. Admittedly not all of my clients enjoy chastity devices and so for the men who enjoy the chastity devices and the ones who don’t, these gloves suit them all.

I make them watch me undress, wander around my dungeon half-naked, I masturbate using different toys right in front of them and I even rub my body parts over their cock to really get them riled up and even I so much as feel a finger on my body, I will punish them accordingly.

I never let them reach orgasm and they wouldn’t dare touch their cock with these vampire gloves on, they may be silly men but they aren’t crazy.

Using the vampire gloves for chastity purposes is one of my favorite and most popular ways to use them. I find it drives my clients wild, my sissies and my cucks love it, even if they don’t say so at the time. They always thank me afterward and I make sure they always go home with a little reminder of the gloves by marking them with one of the spikes, anywhere I choose on their bodies. Just a gentle reminder to behave and not touch themselves (if I am their keyholder).


When you’ve been naughty it’s time to show me your bare ass and that’s when these gloves come out to play. I make sure my clients are in a prime position, bent over and often secured in place with some restraints, that way they can’t wriggle away from me.

I will bring my hand down softly, gently spanking them, delivering small lashings of pain to their ass. If they are particularly out of line, I will bring my hand down harder, the spikes pierce their skin and sometimes they even draw blood, this is the more intense side of these gloves and it is for extreme play. I like to leave a mark and these gloves allow me to do that. I like my clients to go home, look in the mirror and catch glimpses of the pain I inflicted on them, that way they can get all hard and turned on again.

My sissies enjoy being spanked with these gloves and told just how worthless they are, they enjoy the pain and the pleasure they get once they are home and nursing their wounds.

I did mention this already but I do want you to be aware of the risks of cross-contaminating blood, it is always advised to use new gloves on different partners just to eliminate the risks.

Sensation Play:

Who doesn’t love sensation play? The easiest way to use these gloves in by using them to stimulate the senses and deliver sharp little tickles to your partner’s body. The men and women I’ve been with all love sensation play, having them lay naked, I play with hot wax, ticklers and vampire gloves, their goosebumps always rising for me and their bodies will be on edge and mixing this with a little blowjob/oral or a sex toy is game-changing.

Sensation play really allows you to play around with their bodies, bringing them to the edge of pain and pleasure, shocking their nerve-endings and bringing them in and out of reality.

Using vampire gloves to do this is easy, just gently run your fingers across their nipples, neck, shaft, stomach, arms and just about anywhere else. Lightly touch them and watch them shiver, press down harder and watch them moan.

Being On The Other Side Of My Sex Gloves

If you want to know what it’s like being on the other side of my sex gloves, let me just tell you. I will make you moan out in pleasure at things you didn’t even know turned you on.

Step into my dungeon, get undressed and prepare yourself as I slip these gloves on, especially bought for you. Show me your body and submit to me as I caress you with my gloves, paying no attention to your whimpers or pleas, I will bring you to the edge of an orgasm without even touching your cock, does that sound OK?

You will be at the mercy of me and my sex gloves as I trace my fingers across your body and seduce your mind into loving every second of it. If I am feeling particularly nasty I will make you wear my gloves and I will make you touch yourself, if you don’t, I will spank you with them later on. I will then make you resist touching yourself, even when the pre-cum is spilling from the tip of your cock. Having patience and resistance is an honorable trait.

Slipping my gloves back on, I will tease you once again, before bending you over and spanking your ass, because you definitely did something wrong. How does this end? With an orgasm or with a whimper? How you act is how I determine this and truthfully not many clients have been good enough for me to make them cum when these sex gloves are involved. All of them disobey me in one way or another.

Having Someone Use These Gloves On Me?

I have actually had these gloves used on me, not by a client but by a hookup. I am into BDSM and bondage too and I love feeling what it’s like to be like a client of mine with a stranger. This guy wore these gloves and did everything right, he squeezed my breasts, caressed my nipples and brought me to the brink of orgasm again and again.

He spanked me hard, leaving little cuts all over my ass, he traced his spiky fingers all over my body and left me whimpering in pleasure and in pain. I loved how good it felt and I vowed to always use them on my clients, they needed to know this pleasure too.

Want To Cum Together?

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