Having sex with my wife (making our first porno)

This couple are seriously sexy, I love it when they visit me so when they asked to send me their story, I couldn’t resist and just had to share it.

We have never done anything like this before and we were super nervous, worrying about what we actually look like having sex and worrying about watching it back.

This is the first porno we have ever made and we just tried to enjoy ourselves and show what our sex life looks like from the inside. It was hard to relax at first but once we both forgot about the camera it got easier. We decided not to watch it back for a while, let some time pass and then re-group and turn it on.

My now wife and I are just like any regular couple, we enjoy hiking, traveling, cooking and sex. Sex is very important to us and making sure we are both satisfied is something we both focus on. We are a great match because although I realized it a bit later in life than my wife, we both have kinks and we both knew how vital it was for us to explore them kinks.

When we filmed our video we weren’t actually married so I guess we could re-label it ‘fucking my girlfriend raw?’.

I met my now wife online on a site called adult friend finder, it is a place where kinky people go to meet and I sure as hell am glad I ventured onto it to find someone like my wife. Her profile picture intrigued me, it was her on a speedboat, a city skyline behind her, she looked adventurous and from the second I started talking to her she captivated me.

The Night My Wife Decided She Wanted To Make A Sex Tape

My wife casually brought it up over dinner, she asked me if I wanted to make a porno. I thought she was joking at first but I soon realized she wasn’t, she was being totally serious. She told me it had been on her bucket list for years and I was the first man she had actually wanted to do it with.

Our sex was always great, we rarely had bad sex and the night before filming the sex tape I think we had the best sex of our entire lives. It was filthy, sweaty and everything we both wanted. For foreplay I used her favorite toy on her if you’re wondering, it’s a massage vibrator. It’s her go-to sex toy, it always makes her so horny and her orgasm is always so powerful.

When she had cum for the first time she was still feeling extra frisky and she asked me if I wanted to take some pictures of her. I agreed of course and got some seriously insane pictures of her playing with her pussy, bending over for me and even some of my cock inside of her.

She asked if I would be happy to share them online and that’s when we discovered she has a massive kink for people masturbating over her. We shared the photos and the likes were flooding in and that’s when she asked if we could make a porno to share online and for our own personal archives of course.

We chose the date and decided on our upcoming trip out of town we were going to film it and then hide it away until we felt ready to watch it.

Having Sex With My Wife On Camera

I wanted to give you a little insight into what it was like for us. I know lots of couples who like the idea of making a porno but never ever get round to it.

We were both a little nervous before turning the camera on, we didn’t know if it would be a fail and flop or if we would over-perform. We both wanted it to be as natural and as normal as possible so that we could look back and remember what sex was once like for us.

I set up the camera and placed a couple of shirts around it so that the lens was just poking out, I figured it was less intimidating for us. My wife looked incredible, she had just come out of the bath. She smelt of her favorite perfume and skin was silky smooth, we made out a little before turning the camera on and touched one another, getting us both hard and wet before turning our camera on.

Once it was on I went straight into eating her out, she absolutely loves it and I knew those watching would love seeing her completely lose herself to my tongue.

Once she had enough I slid my cock inside of her, I will never get tired of that sweet, tight pussy. It grips my cock and begs me to cum the second I am inside of her, it takes everything I’ve got to not to just fill her with my load, hence why when I look back at the footage I know you will see me struggling in our sex tape.

It feels so good to fuck my wife, her pussy is like a drug to me and my cock, in every position I am focused on her body and how good it looks. Her athletic body, perky tits and tight pussy all mesmerizing me. I completely forgot about the camera being there. She later told me that she also forgot about it from time to time but she really wanted to show the world what she can do, it gets her off so much knowing people want to fuck her as I do.

After Filming This Homemade Porno

We finished fucking, turned off the camera, cleaned up and our night went on as usual. We did keep talking about it and my wife kept on bringing up what I thought people would think about it. It was so hot to see her so excited to want to see and share our porno. Not that I think we would ever share it.

I can’t wait to watch our sex tape back, it’s going to be such a thrill.

FAQ About Making Our First Porno

  • Camera we used

This is the camera we used to film our homemade porno, it’s easy to use and the video quality is great.

  • Would we make another sex video

Absolutely, we were both so turned on by it and loved the whole process so if we are both in the mood again some time I would definitely do it again.

  • Did it help our sex lives

I will admit it fuelled us for a little while, my wife was so high on the idea of our porno and people being able to watch us (if we ever uploaded it) that we moved onto our hotel balcony and even in more public areas so yes, I would say it did.

  • How can I find you on social media?

We aren’t giving out our social media profiles, we don’t want to be pornstars. However, if you have any questions or want to tell my wife anything then feel free to leave everything in the comments below and we will answer as soon as we can.

Keeping Some Privacy

We just wanted to say that if anyone in our real-life does recognize us we would be eternally grateful if you could keep it quiet. This is a bit of fun and a kink to us and we want to share that with likeminded individuals, so we would appreciate the privacy.

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